Bakuchiol - the Natural alternative to Retinol

Bakuchiol – The Natural Alternative to Retinol?

As skin actives become more popular add-ins for your daily skincare routine, there seems to be increasing awareness about the kind of skincare ingredients that are ideal for your skin type and skincare needs. One buzzword making the rounds among beauty gurus everywhere is Bakuchiol, a friendly plant-based skin active ideal for those of us with sensitive skin.

Bakuchiol: What Is It, How Do You Use It, and What Can It Do for Your Skin?

If you’re as obsessed as we are with green, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan skincare products, then you’ve probably heard some chatter about this plant-based skin active derived from the seeds and leafy greens of the Psoralea corylifolia plant.
This skin active is growing in popularity due to how compatible it is with most skin types, how effectively it addresses skin concerns, and how easy it is to incorporate into your beauty maintenance.

How Should Bakuchiol Be Used?

As of right now, the only way to access this ingredient is through serums, and you should know that some serums are more concentrated than others. One of the better Bakuchiol concentrations is from Acure, but there are plenty of brands that are exploring incorporating this ingredient into serums and moisturizers.
You use this skincare ingredient just like you would any other skin active, which means applying after cleansing and toning but before moisturizing. It’s ideal if you allow a few minutes for it to really sink into your skin before layering moisturizer so the actives in bakuchi can do as much skin-loving good work as possible.

When Should Bakuchiol Be Used?

Unlike some skin actives, such as Retinol and Vitamin C, you can use this particular ingredient during the day and at night. One of the main reasons you can use this skin active all day every day is the fact that it’s a potent free radical-fighter, which means it helps detox your skin and protect your skin from harmful pollutants and sun damage.

What Age Can Use Bakuchiol?

It’s perfectly acceptable to use this skincare ingredient at any age! Although many people like to use this skin active primarily to fight against aging, this plant-based ingredient is incredibly dynamic and can help support your skin health at any age. In fact, if you’re interested in being proactive about your anti-aging efforts, using a skin active like this one sooner rather than later is generally a good idea.

Why Is This a Good Retinol Alternative?

This skincare ingredient is often referred to as an alternative to Retinol, mostly because both of these skin actives do many of the same things for the skin. But just like rosehip oil is a natural Retinol alternative, Bakuchiol is also a good alternative because it’s easier on the skin; something that’s important if you have sensitive skin that can’t handle the full heat of Retinol.
The truth of the matter is that using Retinol is one of the best ways to actively ensure your skin’s health, resilience, and appearance – but all too often, Retinol is simply too powerful and does more harm than good. This is where gentler Retinol alternatives come in because they are able to do the good work while still staying skin-friendly.

What Can You Treat With Daily Use?

Just like Retinol, you get the most out of skincare ingredients like this one when you use the product consistently. This means applying this plant-based alternative every day, rain or shine, so that your skin can continuously benefit. There are three main areas where this ingredient is most helpful:

1. In Sun Damage Reversal and Protection

As a potent anti-oxidant, this ingredient both actively detoxes your skin and protects your skin from any free radicals you might encounter during the day. Fighting against free radicals is especially important for the skin because free radicals can lead to issues such as premature aging and sun damage. And just like Vitamin C, there is reason to believe that this skin ingredient can even help protect your skin from UV rays during the day.

2. For Anti-Aging

Aging does a lot of things to our skin, including causing dryness, skin laxity, fine lines, and wrinkles. Using a Retinol alternative such as this one can restore the moisture balance of your skin barrier, improve skin suppleness, and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. As a bonus to the increased skin cell turnover and collagen stimulation caused by this skincare ingredient, your skin will also become brighter and more evenly toned.

3. To Improve Texture and Pores

This skincare ingredient is recommended for both sensitive skin and acne-prone skin, particularly because those skin types usually have texture and pore-related concerns. Consistent daily use of this ingredient can smooth skin texture and minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, as well as soften scarring and hyperpigmentation left behind by acne.
If you’re on the search for a multi-purpose vegan skincare ingredient that treats your sensitive skin kindly, then products with Bakuchiol should be at the top of your list.

This is a botanical ingredient and because of that, it can vary in consistency, potency and effectiveness. Bear that in mind and keep an eye out for irritation even if you have been using it with no problems.