peptides in skincare

Move Over Acids, Skincare Is Now All About Peptides

What Are Peptides in Skincare?

Peptides are small proteins that act as a signal for something to take place. They are added to skin care products to stimulate benefits such as anti-ageing, collagen production, and skin elasticity.

Because of these benefits, peptides have become a staple ingredient for many renowned skincare brands such as The Ordinary. 

Currently, there are three main types of peptides used in skincare products. They are:

  • Signal peptides
  • Carrier peptides
  • Neurotransmitter-inhibiting peptides

Signal peptides work as agents that help generate collagen production through fibroblasts. This collagen boost results in firmer skin and a more youthful appearance. Research on fibroblast’s ability to produce collagen and the process of wound healing has helped in the discovery of more peptides. They play a vital role in regulating signals to support these processes. 

Studies based on the structure and function of cells and essential daily life proteins have contributed to the revelation of a string of amino acids that construct signal peptides. Experts are developing new methods of using signal peptides for therapeutic purposes.  

Carrier peptides can transmit essential skincare elements into the skin, such as copper. It helps in the formation of new blood vessels, injury healing, and other synthetic processes. In reaction to other chemicals in cosmetic products, copper improves skin texture and appearance and triggers the blood flow in the skin. Additionally, it works as an anti-aging component and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and fights hyperpigmentation.

The most recent discovery is that of neurotransmitter-inhibiting peptides. Skin can only benefit from peptides if they penetrate the deeper layers and target the main cause of problems. The neurotransmitter-inhibiting peptides present in current cosmetic products absorb deep into the skin and work as muscle relaxants. This decreases facial muscle shrinkage resulting in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. 

What Are Peptides, and How do They Work?

Peptides are a combination of chemicals consisting of small strings of amino acids. They can enter through the skin’s topmost layer and target skin issues such as collagen decline, aging, and decreasing skin elasticity. 

For example, the formation of wrinkles on the skin is due to either loss of collagen and excessive facial muscle movement. Peptides are capable of targeting the root cause of such issues and fill in as the solution. As a result, the skin is more relaxed, appears smoother, and looks younger. 

The Ordinary Peptides Range

The Ordinary Peptide series consists of clean and exact ingredients needed to target specific skin issues. All their peptides contain no alcohol, synthetic fragrance, and preservatives, etc. 

Matrixyl 10% + HA

The Matrixyl is a combination of two powerful generations of peptides, the Matrixyl 3000 and Matrixyl Synthe’6 and hyaluronic acid. It is suitable for all skin types and fights fine lines and static (across the cheek area, around the corners of the mouth, and on the neck) and dynamic (crows feet at the corners of the eyes, smile lines, lines on forehead) wrinkles.


It works to stimulate collagen synthesis and generates skin repair. The highly effective formula has proven to help reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles. The inclusion of hyaluronic acid allows the peptides to infiltrate the deeper layers of the skin. It also hydrates the skin, leaving it to look glowy and radiant. 

How to Use

The Matrixyl is a water-based product. Apply a few drops in the morning and evening after cleansing and before heavier creams, moisturizers, or serums. You can also use it on top of other water-based products such as hyaluronic acid or buffet. 

It conflicts with all direct acids, pure vitamin c and its derivatives, and products with copper peptides. It is best not to combine matrixyl and conflicting products in the same skincare routine.

If you experience irritation, stop use and consult a medical expert. Also, it is essential to do a patch test before regular application. 

Buffet + Copper Peptides 1%

The Ordinary buffet + copper peptide is an upscaled version of the original buffet serum. This formula contains 1% of pure copper peptides that accommodate skin well-being on the whole. Copper also gives the product a light blue hue. These peptides tackle a variety of skincare concerns such as preserving immune functionality, collagen synthesis, creation of fibroblasts, and contain anti-inflammatory properties. 

It is suitable for oily, dry, normal, and combination skin. However, results may vary due to specific skin conditions. 


Copper helps in the production of collagen and adds elasticity to the skin. Combined with buffet, the formula deals with a wide range of skin aging issues such as reduction in skin elasticity, lack of firmness, loss of skin softness, and more. 

It puts skin in a sort of a continuous repair mode which helps skin retain health, resulting in maintained elasticity, more firmness, and plump skin. It is a staple product, especially for people with a busy lifestyle.

How to Use

Like other Ordinary Peptide serums, it is also a water-based formula. Use it twice a day, in the morning as well as evening after skin cleansing. Gently apply a few drops to the face and let sink into the skin before using other serums, moisturizers, or cream-based products. 

A few disputing products with the buffet+copper peptides include strong antioxidants, direct acids (lactic, glycolic, etc.), retinol and retinoids, and vitamin c. This can lead to once-a-day use if your skincare regime involves products from the dispute list.


The Buffet is a peptide complex serum infused with the goodness of hyaluronic acid for added support. It caters to all skin types and serves as a solution to multiple skin aging issues such as dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, skin dullness, and uneven texture.


The main purpose of the Buffet is to battle multiple signs of aging and while helping to maintain overall skin health. It hydrates the skin, helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles, adds firmness, smoothes skin texture, brightens and fades dark spots. 

How to Use

The Buffet is one of The Ordinary’s best serums. It is a water-based product and best used as one of the primary layers of skin products. Use a few drops morning and evening after using a cleanser. Apply under serums, moisturizers, or other cream-based products. You can also use it before or after other water-based serums. 

Avoid using it alongside any products that contain direct acids, direct vitamin c, or mixed with niacinamide powder. It is best to use these products at alternate times when your skincare routine includes buffet. 

If you experience irritation, cease use and see your physician. Also, always carry out a patch test to make sure the product suits your skin in particular.

Argireline Solution 10%

Unlike the other peptide solutions from The Ordinary that focus on multiple signs of aging, the Argireline solution specifically targets dynamic fine lines on the forehead and around the eyes. 

The main reason behind the creation of this lightweight formula is that the forehead and eye area are prone to fine lines and are presumably the first parts of the skin to reveal signs of aging in most people. Argireline is feasible to use on oily, dry, normal, and combination skin. 


Wrinkles on the forehead and around the delicate eye area a result of emotional expression and squinting. Argireline aids in controlling facial muscle movement. This results in reduced skin contractions and prevents wrinkle formation. It also increases collagen production and hydrates the skin.

How to Use

The Argireline solution is water-based, and its appropriate use is after skin cleansing. Apply a few drops on the forehead and carefully around the eye area. You can layer it with other water-based products before applying heavier creams or moisturizers. 

Products that conflict with Argireline are direct acids and pure forms of vitamin c and its derivatives.  

Do a patch test prior to daily application. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and see your physician.